Knorket – Decision Intelligence and Semantic Layer


Generative Data^Intelligence


Combining the power of trusted data, derived data products with AI Agents to power decision making through unified platform.

Unify Data | Centralize Governance | Enable Observability | Deliver Data Products | Deploy AI Co-Workers.

Augmented Intelligence that is super cost-effective

Comprehensive low-code platform that enables you to virtualize your entire data landscape, build and govern trusted data

assets as well as activate AI Agents and co-workers for last-mile value delivery

You own & keep your data

You own your data and its not stored anywhere else. Maintain a single governed and secured source of truth.

Optionality & Multi-Cloud

Never get locked into proprietary platform or cloud. We play nice with Snowflake or Databricks; Azure, GCP or AWS or really any !.

Quality without the costs

Run enterprise-grade analytical workloads at significantly lower costs than others on market. Pick compute based on catalog workload

Design & Deploy AI Co-Workers

Enhance your data products with intelligent, automated, and personalized AI Co-Workers that drive your business forward.

Unified Platform

Personalized AI Co-Workers

Trusted Data Products

Engineered for Scale, embedded with security and reliability, all built on foundation of trusted data

Platform Overview

Unified, Secure and Embedded with

Gen AI to manage your data universe

AI Agents and Co-Workers

Design / Deploy always-on Gen AI agents to get expert advice, and task support, and enable your team and clients to interact with trusted data products

Data and Knowledge Marketplace

Subscribe to datasets, AI co-workers, and Native Apps you need from the public marketplace or set up own marketplace for your teams and clients

Semantic and Knowledge Plane

We help you apply business rules, expertise and ontology to transform intricate data structures into data assets and intelligence

The Fusion Catalog - Unified Cluster and Catalog Governance layer

Centralized and unifying governance, discovery and fine-grained security layer for your cross-platform virtualized data universe

Connection and Data Virtualization Plane

We enable seamless and unified data virtualization of range of data sources anywhere (cloud, on-prem, SaaS, Data lake)

Hyper-Scalable And Secure Compute

Our auto-scale compute infrastructure orchestrates petabyte scale analytics/AI processing using massively parallel processing engine.