Trusted Digital Experience Orchestration Platform

Partner and Build an digital trust focused Managed Services Business on our Platform

1. Build / Create

Everything you need to execute 
As a comprehensive trusted digital experience orchestration platform, we enable you to build your own ‘experience’ apps and services and execute augmented by AI in support of your work

Experience Research

DIY AI Enabled Research and Feedback Software Pre-Defined templates for accelerated deployment

Live Masterclasses

Run live events and manage enrolments and separate landing page for each event

Social Research @ Scale

Collective Intelligence software for ideation and opinion mining at-scale in an open, democratic, and efficient process​

Cloud Security & Compliance

Extract / Load using connectors all your cloud assets configurations into your own database and set alerts, checks and monitoring charts using our headless BI tech

Digital Trust Orchestration System

Automated Reporting

Dynamically generate powerpoint reports with native charts, dynamic text and tables by connecting to data sources (any)


Pre-Built 1-click ready to deploy research and feedback Apps developed by experts​

Playbooks & Learning

Build your own playbooks / courses and share with team or clients. You can even sell in our marketplace

Flexible BI

Connect to data sources (any) and build queries and custom KPI/calculations and visualize

2. Engage

Connect with those who matter seamlessly
Connect and engage with your team - current and potential clients and enable seamless communications and support services


Identify / Create "To-Do" items to manage and collaborate on tasks / actions with team members and clients plus track to completion


Vertical Experience-Focused community where you can share and engage (Q&A, Articles, Videos, Podcasts, etc.) domain focused conversations


Omni-channel live-chat and support with clients/ digital visitors across multiple channels like Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.​


3. Market and Grow

Market and get business through our platform
We provide you unique tools and features to enable you market and grow your business

Omni-Channel Chat

Add a live-chat widget to your website/social channels to connect with visitors across multiple channels through a unified interface.  Integrate with conversational AI to enable automated conversations 24/7


Public Community

Enable public visibility to facilitate conversations with potential customers/clients and establish thought leadership. Share and leverage content in community to drive traffic


Public Marketplace

Get listed and secure referrals through our public marketplace and monetize on your IP by publishing your apps through our marketplace

4. Manage

Confidently manage your business and teams effortlessly
Manage your business with built-in features that enable management of your team, custom sub-domain, your private marketplace, clients and payments
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Manage your business with built-in features that enable management of your team, custom sub-domain, your private marketplace, clients and payments

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