You run your business, we get you the insights on auto-pilot

Get answers to your business diagnostic and insight needs ridiculously easy and effectively.

There is a wealth of knowledge in feelings, opinions, ideas and answers that are stuck in the heads of customers, employees and experts.

Knorket helps you acquire and tame this ‘tribal’ knowledge to help you reach critical business decisions and give you an unequal advantage 

On-Demand AI Experiential Answer Cloud

We orchestrate Machine + Method + Mind ecosystem to enable you make critical business decisions powered by our integrated proprietary AI Cloud platform


Understand Your Customers with unprecedented insights. Know Your Customers (“KYC”) better with our platform that leverages powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) led insights

Click to see some examples:

  • Customer Pulse
  • Needs and Pain Points
  • Product User/Customer Fit
  • Customer Journey
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Persona Mapping

Keep pace to Know Your Employees (“KYE”) with continuous and in-depth insights. Deliver more customer value with solutions for measuring engaged employees and empowered leaders

Click to see some examples:

  • Employee Pulse
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Leadership Competencies
  • Team Performance
  • Employee Experience
  • Organizational Culture
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Get unique business insights for quantum shifts in business performance. With Know Your Business (“KYB”), solutions, drive next level business results with specialized business diagnostics and collective intelligence applications

Click to see some examples:

  • SWOT Framing
  • Business Canvas
  • Best Practices
  • Problem and Solution Hypothesis
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Opportunities Evaluation
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Business Requirements Generation

Domain Features

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Free Access to Konfluent with pre-configured apps
10GB Diskspace
20GB SSD Cloud Storage
Weekly Backups
24/7/365 Tech Support
Full Root Access
DDoS Protection

Super Pro

For Adhoc Needs

30GB Diskspace
40GB SSD Cloud Storage
Weekly Backups
24/7/365 Tech Support


Real time continuous insights

Installation Charge
60 Add-On Domains
60GB SSD Cloud Storage
Weekly Backups
24/7/365 Tech Support
Full Root Access
DDoS Protection

Enterprise and Teams

Internal Answer Cloud and Marketplace

100GB Diskspace
80 Add-On Domains
100GB SSD Cloud Storage
Weekly Backups
24/7/365 Tech Support
Full Root Access
DDoS Protection

Who is it for?

We are on a mission to intellectually equip every decision maker so you can focus on execution with clarity and enable quantum performance shift 

Decision Makers

Executives & Senior Management


Small and Large


Venture Funded

How it works

We have simple and straightforward individual executive and enterprise membership plans to get you set-up for success

Join our Platform

Sign-up to our platform and if approved, we will onboard you and assign a dedicated insight coach. We will understand your needs and help you prioritize

Pick membership plan that reflects your needs

We offer simple membership options (fixed price) to pick from based on your prioritized needs. Just sign-up now. Tons of free features and apps will also be available to you

Get set! Your answer cloud is on

Start using and start getting automated & periodic insights augmented by our experts to support your decisions delivered right to you through the platform.

Once again we analyze and check everything

We meet, analyze and check the done work and make needed corrections.

We finish the work and give it to the customer

The project is ready and we give it to the customer. Also we ask for the feedback from the customer.

Our Secret Sauce

Here is what helps us drive our solutions

Our platform is backed by a state-art-art SaaS and AI engine built on an ontology-based data model that enables intelligent self-constructing virtuous cycle of knowledg
e. Its been designed with specific focus on harnessing and analyzing experiential data and collective intelligence @hyperscale

What uniquely distinguishes all our solutions is that we have embedded robust, proven and expert-validated methods that are based on years of experience. This allows you to be confident of the comprehensive and quality of the solution

We have instant capability to activate and access in-house and curated hyper-scalable network of top-tier top analysts, coaches, researchers and experts. This model allows us to help you @ unbeatable speed, quality,  flexibility and cost. All our offerings come with last-mile expert inputs giving you the best of both worlds