Knorket – Decision Intelligence and Semantic Layer


AI Agents and Co-Workers: Enhance Productivity

with Intelligent Support

Deploy Expert AI Assistance On-Demand

Our platform introduces the cutting-edge concept of AI Agents and Co-Workers, designed to provide your team and clients with always-on access to expert advice and task support. These generative AI agents are tailored to understand your specific business needs and workflows, offering personalized assistance that evolves with your organization. Whether it's providing insights from data, drafting documents, or automating routine tasks, our AI co-workers are equipped to boost efficiency and productivity.

Interact with Trusted Data Products Securely

In today's data-driven landscape, security and trust in data products are paramount. Our AI Agents and Co-Workers are built with these principles at their core, enabling safe and secure interactions with your data. By leveraging these intelligent agents, users can query, analyze, and utilize their data and documents with confidence, knowing that their information is protected by the highest standards of security.

Leverage Your Own Data for Unprecedented Productivity

What sets our AI Agents and Co-Workers apart is the ability to leverage your own data and documents, transforming them into powerful tools for unprecedented productivity. This feature allows for the creation of custom AI models that understand your organization's unique data landscape, providing tailored support that enhances decision-making and streamlines workflows.

Unlock New Possibilities with Generative AI

The potential of Generative AI is vast, and with our AI Agents and Co-Workers, your organization is poised to unlock new possibilities. From generating insightful reports to automating complex analyses, these AI partners adapt to your needs, delivering high-quality support that complements the skills of your human workforce. It's about amplifying your capabilities and exploring new frontiers in productivity and innovation.

Ensure Security Without Compromising on Productivity

We understand the importance of security in today's digital age. Our AI Agents and Co-Workers are designed to operate within a framework that prioritizes the safety of your data. With advanced encryption, rigorous access controls, and continuous monitoring, you can leverage the power of AI without sacrificing security. It's about giving you the best of both worlds: unparalleled productivity paired with peace of mind.