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Create Business Value Rapidly with AI-Powered Decisions

Unified Platform for AI-Powered Data Products and Co-Workers

Unify Data | Centralize Governance | Enable Observability | Deliver Data Products | Deploy AI Co-Workers

How are we building future of AI-Powered decision products and solutions delivery

Human Data + Data Lakehouse + AI

We are the ONLY platform that allows you to orchestrate both Human data and data from DW/Lakes powered by AI

Warehouse / Lakehouse Native​

Data stays in your warehouse or lakehouse. No need of complex ETL's. Data is always live from one source of truth

You own and keep your data

You own your data and its not stored anywhere else. Maintain a single governed and secured source of truth.

Optionality and Multi-Cloud

Never get locked into proprietary platform or cloud. We play nice with Snowflake or Databricks; Azure, GCP or AWS or really any !

Built for Scale ​

Work seamlessly with exabyte scale data lakes and massive data warehouses alike for efficient, low latency analytics

Using Open Lakehouse Architecture

Built on open data lakehouse architecture to scale AI workloads. Currently works with Trino, Presto and Starburst. Spark coming soon

Design and Deploy AI Co-Workers

Enhance your data products with intelligent, automated, and personalized AI Co-Workers that drive your business forward. Experience the power of AI-enhanced data today.

Quality without the costs

Run enterprise-grade analytical workloads at significantly lower costs than others on market. Pick compute based on catalog workload



Whether you're an AI novice or scaling enterprise applications, our cloud-based solutions accelerate your AI journey for transformative results



All customers get subscriptions to our AI platform – where products and solutions are built. You can do it yourself or we can do it for you


Products / Solutions Store

If You want an out-of-the-box AI Decision product / solution, we have a growing marketplace of expert validated solutions

Starts from $0 (Many Free!)



We offer 'skin-in-the-game' services with focus on rapid value creation by helping you solve your most pressing problems through bespoke solutions and managed services .

Starts from $10,000

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